ASUU Strike in Nigeria – Students dilemma on Strikes

ASUU Strike in Nigeria – Students dilemma on Academic Strikes – What a big blog on our academic integrity when we go on strike.

ASUU Strike in Nigeria has left its toll on the Academic cradle in the nation over one issue or the other; mostly payment increment and better working environment.

ASUU Strike in Nigeria – The Students Dilemma

What a big strike on the Academic goals when we go on strike. Even when we are not on strike, we seem to be on strike: compared to education’s voice!

No one can make you know what you chose not to know and no one will deprive you of knowing what you consciously chose to know. Education can’t be held by our four walls!

Some are happy to see strike; everyone becomes tired what follows strike.

We want to upgrade our building, when our enthusiasm to learn is crumbling. Those buildings might later crumble along sides!

The issue of certificate; it is least case. We venture and enroll into the academic syllabus for the sole reason of upgrading our employment status and receive better wages.

ASUU Strike and the Way Forward

Better wages leads to better promotion in our heart and not certification to improve skills and productivity.

It used to be Academic Staff Union of Universities but over the years, Academic Strike Union of Universities as proclaimed by the constant strike they engage in – truth be told, there are times some measures needs to be in place to bend the will of the government.

Let us learn to build ourselves up academically as knowledge will bring us to the top: thereby appreciating cute buildings.

Once we are tired of staying at home, then we start making searches like ASUU Strike 2018, ASUU Strike 2018 and when ASUU will call off their strike all in the name of knowledge and balancing the statuesque.

Education is in the air; it’s not caged. You can have it if you wish. The greatest strike is the strike of one’s enthusiasm!

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